Saturday, March 21, 2009

For those of you that still care...

My life has been kind of crazy lately. Actually it seems like life has been crazy for a lot of people these days. With the world going to hell and all.

After we left Canada Keith and I were both broke and unemployed. We knew going into the whole Canada adventure that we'd be unemployed after it was over, but the plan was to be the opposite of broke. Theoretically we should have left Canada with most, if not all of our short term debts paid off and have money to spare. But Canada screwed us over. Keith's friends screwed us over. But, back to the point. We were unemployed. We both got jobs fairly quickly, which is kind of amazing given the economy. Keith is working at Countrywide again and is doing quite well. He has a better job than he had before we left. That was definitely a blessing.

For the first few months we were back I was working two jobs at Pier 1 and The Grill on the Alley. I quit Pier 1 right before the holidays and am currently just working as a hostess at The Grill - and upscale steak and seafood restaurant in the Galleria. I really like, it just doesn't pay what I should be making as an educated 27 year old. But through it I've gotten to meet Roger Staubach, Jessica Simpson, Chad Hennings, Dooce McAllister and a couple of other semi-celebrities.

I had to drop out of the Art Institute when we left for Canada. The plan was to re-enroll once we got back, but financially it just didn't make sense. So I tried to enroll at UTA, but because I owe the Art Institute money, they wouldn't release my transcripts to UTA, and therefore UTA wouldn't process my application. It was quite enfuriating and you should probably consider yourself lucky that I didn't go off on my normal tangent about that whole ordeal. So, I've had to put Art School on the back burner until my life is back in order and all of my debts are paid off. It sucks, but it is the responsible decison that I must make at the moment. I 100% plan to go back someday because it is my passion and what I want to do. But it'll be a few years I'm sure.

Meanwhile, I've decided to pursue an alternative certification to teach 4th through 8th grade math. I took my first content exam last week and am just waiting for the scores to be posted. If I passed that then I can start applying to schools. Please pray that I passed! Luckily I know a lot of teachers and school administrators, so I feel very blessed with hook-ups in a lot of districts in DFW. I'm really excited about this next chapter in my life. I think I'll be a really great teacher and I think it'll be a great fit for me. (Thank you Monica for all the advice and support!! Its been very helpful!)

So for the time being, Keith and I are still struggling to make ends meet and to make up for the debts that have accrued as a result of the Canada ordeal. Such is life, you learn from your mistakes and use your lemons to make lemonade.

Please keep praying for me and for us!!


Bobbi Janay said...

When will they post your score.

Hello...My name is Kareah... said...

I think you'll make a great teacher too!